Three Days Grace

Gone Forever

A Аккорд A
B Аккорд B
Bm Аккорд Bm
D Аккорд D
E Аккорд E
F# Аккорд F#
G Аккорд G
Intro: B

Don't know whats going on

A                    E
Don't know what went wrong

B                             A
Fells like a hundred years, I still can't believe your gone

So I'll stay up all night

A                     E
With these blood shot eyes

B                            A
While these walls around me, with a story of our lives

--------Between chorus and Verse play: G than D

F#        G            E               A
I feel so much better, now that you're gone forever

F#              G            E           A
I tell my self, that I don't miss you at all

Bm         G
Not lying, denying

E           A
That I feel so much better

G             F#   G   A B
Now that your gone for-e-ver


First time you screamed at me

I should have made you leave

F#                             B       A
I should have know it could be so much better

I hope your missing me

B                      A
I hope I've made you see

         F#   G   A B
That I'm gone for-e-ver

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